Julian Oksman, 1894-1970. October 1970 (16.12)

«No 16 : 31 October 1970» Professor Julian [Yulian] Grigorevich OKSMAN, Doctor of philological sciences, died on 15 September 1970 in his seventy-sixth year. J.G. Oksman was born on 30 December 1894 in Voznesensk, Kherson Province [Ukraine]. After leaving high school in 1911 he entered the History and Philology Faculty of St. Petersburg University. For … Continue reading Julian Oksman, 1894-1970. October 1970 (16.12)

Biography (A-Z)

A few basic details are included here: name and patronymic, profession and terms of imprisonment and incarceration. Common alternate spellings of some first names and surnames are indicated [thus]. A. ALTUNYAN, Genrikh Ovanesovich (1933-2005) — radio technician and engineer in armed forces; member of the Action Group; convicted in 1969 under 190.1 (3 years); born … Continue reading Biography (A-Z)