of the Chronicle of Current Events
(issues 28-64, 1972-1982)

are needed to complete this website

When this website was launched in September 2015 it contained every issue of the Chronicle that had ever been translated, including early numbers (1-15) that were not published and widely circulated.

Too many of the issues accessible here remain in a rigid pdf format. Apart from their contents pages the reports they contain cannot be accessed for global Searches or the guided search of Categories and Tags (see Themes and Guided Search). Only when those issues have been scanned and digitized will the website be complete.

Unfortunately, even the most sophisticated programmes produce numerous errors when scanning pdf files. Only a printed copy can be efficiently scanned, page by page — and itself serve to check the results of such scanning.

Therefore, we are appealing to those in possession of printed hard copies of the later issues of the Chronicle in English translation to send them to us, either as a donation to the project or on extended loan.

Please contact me and tell me what you have!

John Crowfoot