Commentary No 15 (August 1970)

No 15 : 31 August 1970

15.3 The Arrest of Revolt Pimenov


[Pimenov’s interview was with Vadim Andreevich MEDVEDEV, a future member of Gorbachev’s close entourage during “perestroika”. Later in 1970 Medvedev was appointed a deputy head of the Propaganda department at the CPSU Central Committee in Moscow. From 1993 to 2006 he headed the Canadian-Russian Public Politics project jointly run by the University of Calgary and the Gorbachev Foundation.]

 15.7 In the camps of Mordovia

Igor Yurkevich (b. 1936), graduated from the Moscow University Faculty of Journalism and worked for a newspaper in Petropavlovsk (Kazakhstan).

At the end of 1969 he was sentenced by the Petropavlovsk Regional Court to four years in strict-regime camps, under Article 70 of the Russian Criminal Code, for a letter to the Central Committee of the Communist party on the Czech question. He arrived in camp 385/3-1 at the beginning of February 1970.