No 6 : 28 February 1969

6.2 The case of Boris Kochubievsky

[1] “… who is of Russian nationality”. This does not refer just to Larisa Kochubievskaya’s ethnic and cultural background and origins in the multi-ethnic Soviet Union.

From 196// onwards Soviet ID documents (internal “passports”) carried an entry that, from 16 years onwards, fixed and defined the nationality (ethnicity) of the bearer. Boris Kochubievsky’s passport defined him as “Jew” – like 200,000 other residents of the Ukrainian SSR; entry No 6 in his wife’s passport bore the definition “Russian”.

[2] “early 20th century Black Hundreds”. Explain///

6.3 The case of Ivan Yakhimovich

Alexander Nekrich’s book. A reference to June 1941, a study exposing Stalin’s responsibility for the USSR’s unpreparedness for war against Nazi Germany. Closed discussion of Nekrich’s research at the Institute of Marxism-Leninism in 1967 provoked controversy and the book itself would not be published until the late 1980s [JC].///